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Best Price For Takeout Is Good Service

Take Out Miracle 
Take Out Get Pricey, So We Normally Cook From Home. When We Do Go Out It To Eat, Its Never About The Price But The Experience We Are Paying For.

We head to a Familiar place (Mater Chef)  to grab and go but sometimes you must Sit and Enjoy. The plus of  this place is the great service. As soon as you walk in you are greeted and asked where you would like to sit (a booth or at the hibachi bar). The place is B.Y.O.B so that's another gem for you to take in and run with however you like.
The cooking and sushi chefs are right in front of you creating their master piece (Sushi Rolls) order after order. We must of seen them make 20 different rolls in the 45 mins we had been seated at the bar.

Our waitress was very informative letting us know about beef seasoning in the miso soup but no meat. She also checked on a curry dish that had power milk in the base made for the curry. Very much appreciated but I still tried the soup and to my surprise it was not bad... just tast…

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