Veganish Foodies meal mac and no cheese ( Vegan Hamburger Helper Made L...

veganish foodies meal mac and  no cheese

Are you turned off if you hear the phrase Vegan eating? Well, there’s nothing to be afraid of!

Lamont Stuckey and India Russell from Veganish Foodies share with us the concept behind being vegan along with how to make a vegan mac & no cheese. Live on Mass Appeal Tv Show Via WWLP Channel 22 Springfield Ma

Mac & No Cheeze Crumble


Vegan “Cheeze”- potato, carrot, onion, nutritional yeast, paprika, vegan cheese and almond milk.

Noodles- Shells or elbow

“Meat” – Crumbles

Sauce- Veganish Foodies Everythang Sauce ( or A Healthy Alternative Specialty Sauce

Directions– Cook to tender the potato, carrot and onion and Blitz together with other ingredients for vegan “cheese.” Cook noodles as directed. Cook crumbles as directed on stove top. Mix together noodles, crumbles and cheese until mixed well together, and drizzle veganish foodies everythang sauce sauce on top.

Everythang Sauce- The sauce you can put on everything!

Veganish Foodies creators India & Lamont of 'Everythang Sauce'

Everythang Sauce- What will you put it on?!

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