Why there should be a price reduction when you have opt out of meat from a meal

 You know how restaurants will upcharge you and tax on a fee to your meal if you want to add more meat to your order? 

Well, we think its only fair that restaurants subtract and reduce your bill when you want to opt out of the meat portion of a meal, because Food Equality Matters!

This would certainly boost traffic to restaurants who particularly did not offer any vegan/plantbased meals at all. By adding an option to opt out of the meat and save money for doing so would bring more options for those of us who are plantbased, and we love options! 

This would mean more business for the typical restaurants who didn't want to go exclusively plantbased, yet, still be able to accommodate those of us who are trying to eat healthier. Lots of times us plantbased eaters still want to dine at the restaurants we ate at prior to making a lifestyle change of little to no meat at all. 

Plantbased eaters love being able to make a complete meal out of side orders. We want more to eat than just a salad and a smoothie. If we could remix meals we'd pretty much eat anywhere!!. 

Hi, can I have the number 9 except hold the meat! That's music to our ears. 

We still love fries, and lots of them! We'd love to make a meal out of sides items like rice and beans, fresh veggies, fresh greens, grains, fresh fruits, chips and dips, desserts you name it.  

We believe if more restaurants simply gave us plantbased customers more options or more flexibility to veganize their existing menu, they would gain instead of lose us as customers.

The hunt to find exclusively vegan/plantbased restaurants has been quite the adventure.  While there are more vegan restaurants popping up more now than ever before, the struggle is still real and scarce. 

Food deserts are a real thing especially when it comes to healthier alternatives. 

So, yes if we could make personalizing the menu a thing! Providing us the option to hold the meat and save a few coins simultaneously, we'd greatly appreciate it!!. 

Sincerely,                                                                                                                                                 foodies who love to eat and don't want to hunt down a vegan restaurant and travel so far to do so.

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